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Blood auto-transfusion of previous pré-collection of blood

Levão Bogossian Aníbal da Torre Bogossian About the authors

The practice of auto-transfusion is highly considered due to its safety and economic beneficts. It comprises two basic modalities: "Reinfusion" and "Pre-Collection" of blood. The reinfusion uses the patient's own blood spurted either from the patient's previous hemorrhage or during the surgery. The auto-transfusion of Pre-Collect uses the patient's blood tajen before surgery and it consists two basic modalities: The multiple Pre-Collection in which the blood is taken from the patient much before the scheduled sate of the surgery and the Pre-Collection done 10-30 minutes before surgery, which we presently designated as "Immediate Pre-Collection" (or Pre-Deposit for Immediate Utilization) which constitutes the basic topic of this essay.

Blood Transfusion; Autologous; Blood Transfusion; Autologous

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