Warthin's tumor of the parotid gland: study of 70 cases

Helma Maria Chedid Abrão Rapoport Kiyoshi Fernandes Aikawa Aglailton dos Santos Menezes Otávio Alberto Curioni About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To report the clinical characteristics, treatment and complication of Warthin tumors. METHODS: we conducted a retrospective study of 70 patients undergoing resection of papillary lymphomatous cystadenoma. Variables: age, sex, ethnicity, presence or absence of smoking, primary site of tumor, tumor size in cm, presence of bilateral tumor, type of operation, multicentricity, treatment complications, recurrence and follow up. RESULTS: Forty-four patients (62.8%) were male and 26 (37.2%) female, with a mean age of 56.7; smoking was present in 55 (78.6%) patients; 66 (94.3%) tumors were unilateral and four (5.7%) bilateral, with an average size of 4.1 cm on physical examination. The complications were 14 (19%) cases of facial paresis and / or paralysis, seroma in 10 (13.8%), Frey's syndrome in three (4%), hematoma in two (2.7%) and wound infection in one (1.5%) case. CONCLUSIONS: Warthin tumors have a higher incidence in male smokers and predominantly unilateral location of the parotid gland. Superficial parotidectomy with preservation of facial nerve was effective in 100% cases. Complications were transient paresis or paralysis, seroma, Frey syndrome, hematoma and wound infection.

Adenolymphoma; Salivary gland; Salivary gland neoplasm; Parotid region

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