Open abdomen management: single institution experience

Adilson Costa Rodrigues Junior Fernando da Costa Ferreira Novo Rafael de Castro Santana Arouca Francisco de Salles Collet e Silva Edna Frasson de Souza Montero Edivaldo Massazo Utiyama About the authors


to evaluate the outcome of abdominal wall integrity of both techniques.


a retrospective study was carried out at the Hospital das Clínicas, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de São Paulo, identifying the patients undergoing temporary abdominal closure (TAC) from January 2005 to December 2011. Data were collected through the review of clinical charts. Inclusion criteria were indication of TAC and survival to definitive abdominal closure. In the post-operative period only a group of three surgeons followed all patients and performed the reoperations.


Twenty eightpatients were included. The difference in primary closure rates and mean time for fascial closure did not reach statistical significance (p=0.98 and p=0.23, respectively).


VAC and Bogota Bag do not differ significantly regarding the outcome of abdominal wall integrity, due to the monitoring of a specific team and the adoption of progressive closure

Peritonitis; Trauma; Sepsis; Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy; Abdominal Wound Closure Techniques; Intra-Abdominal Hypertension

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