Perception of undergraduate students in speech-language pathology about speech therapy in the field of deafness

Renata da Silva Gonçalves Maria Cecília Marconi Pinheiro Lima Angélica Bronzatto de Paiva e Silva Maria Elisabete Rodrigues Freire Gasparetto About the authors



to know the perception of undergraduate students in speech-language pathology about speech therapies in the area of deafness.


qualitative research, with data collection accomplished with a questionnaire and a focus group. The sample was accomplished by 14 students enrolled at a speech pathology course.


the results were discussed by means of categories: knowledge, expectations, needs, bond and therapeutic practices. The students presented feelings of anguish in dealing with family expectations, especially regarding to the speech work and the fear for intervening caused by inexperience and necessities of the family. It was also evidenced that the students hoped that family members believed in the potential of the child. There is a need for more practice in Brazilian Sign Language. The support of the family members is crucial for a good therapeutical accompaniment, because when they trust on the student, the kind of therapy, and on the adopted approach, he or she cooperates with the evolution of the therapeutical process, facilitating the bond. When the family believes in the effectiveness of the therapy and the possibility of good results, the child does not miss sessions. Moreover, the bond created with the family and the patient helps the student to see the real difficulties of the child and what should be done to be improved. It was pointed out that the bilingual approach cooperates for the self-recognition of deaf culture and identity.


on students' perception, the experience gained along the stage provided theoretical-practical knowledge to work with the family, recognizing the importance of this to the therapeutic success and to deal with the expectations of both parties.

Clinical Clerkship; Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences; Deafness; Education, Higher

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