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Generalization of syllabic structure in the treatment of phonological disorders

PURPOSE: to analyze the structural generalization syllabic treatment. METHODS: the sample consisted of seven subjects, aged 4:0 to 7:0 years old and selected from a sample database at the Center for the Study of Language and Speech (CELF) located at an institution university.The subjects selected had undergone speech therapy evaluations, presented only change the phonological level (A1), which had taken place during the composition of the database. Patients were subsequently treated with the / r / in the Medial Onset ABAB-Withdrawal and Multiple Probes by a cycle of nine therapeutic sessions during nine weeks. For the analysis of structural generalization syllabic, we compared the data of the phonological system obtained in the initial phonological and Proof of Generalization 1 (PG1). RESULTS: S1 would go through two goals, but was generalization in only one, the S2 was not generalization in either targets set, the S3 and S4 walked the four goals that would be displayed, and S5 toured the 3 goals. CONCLUSION: the analysis has shown in detail the goals of generalization.

Speech; Articulation Disorders; Speech Therapy

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