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Analysis of speech and language therapy national scientific production on stuttering

PURPOSE: to analyze the Brazilian Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences production on stuttering, between the years 1980 and 2008, considering the: publication period; distribution per period; types of publication; themes; epistemological filiations and the area of Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences. METHODS: selection and analysis of books, book chapters, and scientific articles published in national journals of Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences. RESULTS: 131 publications were found: 0.8% published during the 80s; 15.2% during the 90s; and 84% from 2000 to 2008. Regarding the type of publications, 8.4% were books; 42% book chapters, and 49,6% research articles. Regarding the themes, the most frequent ones were: Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic (50%); Theoretical Reflections (9.4%); Fluency Characteristics (7.2%); Stuttering and Hearing (5.8%); Attitudes towards Stuttering (5.2%); Origin of Stuttering (5.2%); and Characteristics of Stuttering (4.4%). Regarding the epistemological feature: 74% were positivist; 22.2% dialectical historical; 3.8% phenomenological. The Speech-Language and Hearing areas most present in the written production were Oral Sensorial Motor System (37.4%), Language (34.3%) and None of the Speech-Language (25.2%). CONCLUSION: the scientific production on stuttering had the most expressive increase during 2000 to 2008. The appearance of the production mainly as scientific articles and book chapters reveals an interest both in research and in theoretical construction. The presence of the three epistemological filiations suggests the controversy and complexity of the stuttering issue, this is also suggested by the fact that the production is predominantly distributed by the Oral Sensorial Motor System and Language areas. It is needed to develop the production in the Public Health area.

Stuttering; Speech; Language and Hearing Sciences; Scientific Publication Indicators

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