Nutrients input from litter in a seasonal deciduous forest fragment in Rio Grande do Sul

Joseane Savian Marafiga Márcio Viera Denise Andréia Szymczak Mauro Valdir Schumacher Peter Trüby About the authors

Knowledge on nutrient deposition from species that compose the Deciduous Forest is incipient. The objective of this study was to determine the nutrient input by different species, from litter deposition in a Seasonal Deciduous Forest in Itaara, RS. Six plots (25.0 m x 17.0 m) were installed for litter collection,. In each plot, 5 mesh-screen traps were allocated. The litter was monthly collected from January 2006 to December 2007. Litter was sorted out in leaves, twigs (diameter < 0.5 cm) and mixture (flowers, fruits, seeds and non identified plant parts). Leaves were separated regarding the most representative species in the forest. The material was analyzed for the levels of macro and micronutrients. The concentration of nutrients differed between species. The highest nutrient input occurred from the leaf fraction, followed by twigs and mixture. Among the evaluated species, Parapiptadenia rigida showed the highest nutrient transfer, except for Mn that was highest in Matayba elaeagnoides, and Ocotea pulchella.

native forest; Atlantic forest; forest nutrition; litterfall

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