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Following kites with ANT methodology

Maria de Fátima Aranha de Queiroz e Melo About the author

Taking Bruno Latour's ideas into account, we have tried to elaborate the underlying principles of a toy social psychology, taking the Actor-Network Theory as methodology to register this construction. We have selected the kite, millenary traditional object which carries multiple stories, in the networks which guarantee its survival, in the learning it suscitates, in the effects that it promotes. We will discuss the principles and the methodological rules of the Action-Network Theory, testing its applicability to our research object, trying, whenever it is possible, to enrich a reflection towards the psychology field of studies in which our action takes place.

Social Psychology; Toy; Actor-Network Theory

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Departamento de Psicologia Campus do Gragoatá, bl 0, sala 334, 24210-350 Niterói - RJ Brasil, Tel.: +55 (21) 2629 2845 / 2629 2847 - Niterói - RJ - Brazil