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What do organizations understand about talent management?

This study aims to discuss practices that constitute the so-called Talent Management (TM) in the corporate universe. The subject, according to the SHRM study (2013), has ranked first in the priority list of HR leaders since 2010, also appears in Brazil as a major trend in policies and practices Personnel Management (PM). The so-called war for talent is associated with a time of transition from an industrial society to post-industrial one. Despite being an emerging issue present in many global debates that address the future of PM, it is still observed that there is some confusion in the existing definitions on talent and Talent Management terms, prompting the question: What is Talent Management specifically? While acknowledging the lack of a consistent definition of the term, some authors state that a good TM is of utmost importance to the company's strategy. It is a known fact that Talent Management does not have, in fact, a clear meaning. The multiplicity of concepts indicates the need for studies that provide significant advances in the understanding of the subject. In what do these companies which currently use the expression Talent Management in its speeches and management practices truly believe? How does TM differs from PM? What is the purpose of identification and/or differentiation of talent within each organizational structure searched? This Research proposes, through a comparative analysis, a reflection on these concerns. To do so, three managers from three different and distinct nature organizations were interviewed. These three companies were all large companies, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern area of Brazil and have an element in common: the term Talent Management in their rethoric. The comparative analysis of the results offers advances in the understanding of the subject and demonstrates a confusion of concepts that still exists, the possible effect of the current literary miscellany of definitions.

Talent Management; Talents; People Management

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