Wagner Vicente Diniz Ramon Silva Leite Marcelo de Rezende Pinto About the authors


The market of counterfeit goods has a global reach, offers significant growth and attracts the interest of several areas of knowledge. Aware of these issues, Brazilian researchers in the Administration area have been endeavoring to gain a better understanding of this complex phenomenon, recognizing that such market is expressive and allows a broad field of study. In this sense, the present study aimed to analyze, through a meta-narrative mapping, the Brazilian production on the subject of falsification. The approach of meta-narrative mapping is based on the systematic review of methods and theories, emphasizing its peculiarities, being the first step towards the formation of a theoretical framework. For this purpose, a descriptive study was conducted, where 23 articles, 13 dissertations, and one thesis were analyzed. The results obtained suggest that counterfeiting is a fertile field of study, approached by different areas of management and by researchers from different educational institutions, but it still demonstrates significant potential to be explored. It was identified that the basic theories, in which relate to counterfeit, feature numerous references that can be used for further research on the subject. It is believed that, for knowledge development about counterfeiting in Brazil, studies should seek dialogue with other areas of knowledge, such as strategy, organizational culture, law, sociology, and engineering. It was also observed the absence of works dealing with the falsification from the perspective of production and commercialization, which would be a gap of research to be approached in future works. Finally, it is believed that this study could serve as a guide for future research on the topic.

Key words:
Mapping meta-narrative; Counterfeiting; Piracy; Brazilian publication

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