Participatory training of prenatal care professionals for breastfeeding promotion

Ana Lucia de Lourenzi Bonilha Joice Moreira Schmalfuss Virgínia Leismann Moretto Jussara Mendes Lipinski Mariana Bello Porciuncula About the authors

The commitment with the promotion and support of breastfeeding justified the training of professionals that give prenatal care in primary health. This is a exploratory, qualitative study, based on the assumptions of participant research. It aimed to identify the thematics about breastfeeding and report the actions and strategies proposed during the meetings. Data was registraded in a field diary and analysis was done according to the categorization of data. Discussion of findings showed the lack of professionals update and lack of standardization in their conducts. The research gave the oportunity to discuss the politics and programms that were implanted by the government management, searching for alternatives inside the context of the users and workers that are involved with prenatal care.

Prenatal care; Breastfeeding; Training; Human resourses formation

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