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Effectiveness of educational interventions in knowledge, attitude, and practice for preventing respiratory infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Efectividad de las intervenciones educativas en conocimiento, actitud y práctica para la prevención de infecciones respiratorias: revisión sistemática y metaanálisis

Francisca Márcia Pereira Linhares Wilson Jorge Correia de Abreu Priscila de Oliveira Cabral Melo Ryanne Carolynne Marques Gomes Mendes Thaís Araújo da Silva Tarcila Lima Alcântara de Gusmão Tatiane Gomes Guedes About the authors



to demonstrate the effectiveness of educational interventions in knowledge, attitude and practice for preventing respiratory infections in adults and older adults.


this is a systematic review carried out in 11 databases. Primary studies, without language and time restrictions, of the randomized, non-randomized and before-and-after clinical trial type, were selected. The risk of bias was assessed by two independent researchers, and the methodological quality was generated by the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation.


the intervention effectiveness was evidenced in seven studies. The results of the random effects meta-analysis show that there is a statistically significant difference between knowledge about preventing respiratory diseases, with an OR of 2.82 (95%CI 1.70 to 4.69) for the occurrence of events represented by improved knowledge.


most studies show the effectiveness of educational interventions, which was determined through the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice survey.

Evaluation of the Efficacy-Effectiveness of Interventions; Respiratory Tract Diseases; Health Education; Disease Prevention; Systematic Review

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