CIPESC® Curitiba: the work of nursing at Bairro Novo District

Denise Maria Altino Maíra Rosa Apostolico Franciele de Oliveira Duarte Márcia Regina Cubas Emiko Yoshikawa Egry About the authors

Curitiba has been utilized system CIPESC® - International Nursing Practice Classification in Collective Health. This study goal identifies the activities of nursing staff in the health unities of Bairro Novo district of Curitiba City. We interviewed nursing and auxiliaries using check-list. The results showed: the sheltering is done by everyone; the auxiliaries' activities are procedures caring; all the nurses do nursing consultation and most of then use computer-based system CIPESC®. In conclusion, excepting the research activities, the nursing staff works all the time according municipality program, such is under organized and scientific based system to giving nursing care, emphasizing at women health. Activities such as planning and education have been improved also.

Nursing process; Nursing diagnosis; Vocabulary, controlled; Nursing informatics

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