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Violence against the aged: documental analysis

The study aimed at analyzing the data of violence and mistreatments against the aged through the official documentation of an institution in the city of Fortaleza-CE. A documentary, retrospective study was carried out in an institution of reference of the State of the Ceará, officialized in denunciations of violence against the aged. Of 424 documents, in 284 (67%) the aged were abandoned. In relation to the aggressors, 207(49%) were children of the victims. Amongst the types of violent are of mistreatments distributed between the recklessness, 161(38%), the misappropriation of the retirement, 114(27%), the verbal aggression, 79(19%) and the physics with, 68(16%). It was verified the importance of services directed toward this question, however it becomes basic that public politics focus the social paper of the aged one and privilege the care and the protection of this population parcel in its families and the institutions.

Old aged assistance; Violence; Elder abuse

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