Systematization of nursing care in urgency and emergency services: feasibility of implementation

Monica Antonio Maria Fátima Alice Aguiar Quadros Maria de Fátima Oliveira Grassi About the authors

This study analyzes the feasibility of implementing the Nursing Care Systematization in an emergency and urgency hospital department. This is a field study, descriptive, qualitative structured according to the content analysis described by Bardin (2009). It was performed in a hospital specialized in emergency care. The sample consisted of eight practical nurses, five nurses and two assistants, all of them with experience of at least six months in the emergency room. The difficulties referred to the implementation of the NCS are: complexity in their steps; disinterest of the institution; theoretical unpreparedness of nursing, its devaluation by other professionals, inadequate sizing of employees and inadequacy of the hospital physical structure. In this context, it was note that the nurse loses representation in the health team and the application of SAE turns out to be often underestimated.

Nursing process; Emergency hospital service; Nursing staff

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