Terms of the specialized nursing language for the care of ostomates

Términos de lenguaje específico de enfermería para el paciente de ostomía

Carina Maris Gaspar Carvalho Marcia Regina Cubas Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega About the authors



to identify terms of the specialized nursing language for the care of ostomates from the literature of the area, and to map the identified terms with terms of the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®).


descriptive study of quantitative approach guided by the guidelines for the elaboration of terminology subsets of the ICNP®. The terms were collected in 49 scientific articles, extracted using a computational tool, selected according to the relevance for the theme, and normalized and mapped with the ICNP®.


20,668 terms were extracted. The standardization process resulted in 425 relevant terms (151 were constant in ICNP® and 274 were not contained in ICNP®), of which 154 were similar, 19 were more comprehensive, 50 were more restricted, and 51 were not in concordance.


the use of standardized language can minimize the ambiguities and redundancies identified in the mapping. The existence of terms not in concordance with the ICNP® reinforces the need for constant updating of this classification.

Nursing; Classification; Terminology; Nursing Processes; Ostomy

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