Validation of the general guidelines of communication between the nurse and the blind

Lorita Marlena Freitag Pagliuca Kátia Nêyla de Freitas Macêdo-Costa Cristiana Brasil de Almeida Rebouças Paulo César de Almeida Antonia Ferreira Alves Sampaio About the authors

This quantitative study, conducted between 2008 April and 2009 March in Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, aimed to validate the general guidelines of the communication of the nurse with the blind. Thirty nurses and 30 blinds, divided into control and experimental groups, participated in the study. Thirty nursing consultations were videotaped and analyzed by experts. In contrast to the control group, the experimental group showed good and excellent performance in all guidelines for verbal and non-verbal communication with the blinds. The study results point to the urgency of adopting the teaching of these general guidelines for communicating with the blind in nursing courses, in addition to training nurses in caring for the blind people.

Nursing; Communication; Validation Studies; Visually Impaired Persons

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