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Drug use, blood glucose and body mass index in patients with diabetes mellitus

This research aimed to relate medication use with blood glucose and body mass index in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus. It was performed a cross-sectional study, between January and July 2009, at the homes of 437 users of 12 health centers in Fortaleza-CE. We administered a survey about blood glucose, body mass index and medication use. Approximately 99% of study subjects with altered glucose classified as not using daily calcium (p = 0.04). Among those with normal blood glucose levels classified as around 93% did not use daily antidepressants / anxiolytics (p = 0.02). Among those with DM 2 normal body mass index, 45.5% were using daily anti-hypertensive ACE-inhibitor class (p = 0.03). Daily use of ACE inhibitor drugs, antidepressants / anxiolytics and calcium was associated with body mass index and glucose, respectively. It is important for nurses to assess body weight and blood glucose in patients with diabetes, particularly those that are under continuous medication.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2; Drugs; Blood Glucose; Body Mass Index; Nursing

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