Practicing silence: educational intervention for reducing noise in the Intensive Care Unit

The objective of this study was to evaluate whether the sound pressure levels are decreased in the ICU after an educational intervention with the multidisciplinary team. Noise levels were measured inside the ICU (using a decibelimeter installed near the bedside of a patient) for seven days, and repeated the procedure after an educational intervention, which consisted of lectures, posters and dramatizations, among others. There was a large reduction in noise level between the pre and postintervention period, at all times evaluated. The main sources of noise in the ICU were the own team. The noise levels were higher than recommended. The study showed that with an educational intervention with the ICU staff and their awareness of the mechanisms and effects, it is possible to have reduced levels of noise and consequent estresse environment.

Noise; Noise, occupational; Education; Intensive Care Units

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