Performance of nurses in prescribing hormonal contraceptives in the primary health care network

Jamille Gregório Dombrowski Jéssika Abrantes Pontes Walédya Araújo Lopes de Melo e Assis About the authors

The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of nurses in the prescription of hormonal reversible contraceptives in Primary Care. A descriptive and transversal study was conducted, with 64 nurses at healthcare units as subjects, in the period of September-November 2010 in the county of Rio Branco-Acre. Data were collected through structured interviews using a questionnaire. The results showed that 96.9% of nurses are prescribing hormonal contraceptives and that the majority (90.6%) is aware of the government laws about nursing prescription. We also observed that the contraceptive was chosen based on client's decision and anamnesis (36% and 34% respectively), and that 90% of the nurses always give orientation about advantages and disadvantages of each contraceptive method. Thus, for choosing a contraceptive method based on given information and free will, the methods must be available and dispensed by trained professionals, after correct and complete orientation.

Contraception; Nurse's Role; Primary Health Care

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