The stroke patient and the family support syste

Lívia de Sousa Rodrigues Ana Maria Parente G. Alencar Edilma Gomes Rocha About the authors

The study aimed at investigating the perception of the familiar/care worker about his contribution in the rehabilitation of the patient with stroke. Qualitative study, carried through in the medical clinic of a hospital located in the city of Crato, CE, Brazil, between March and May, 2006. Results: between the home care workers predominated the feminine gender, in the age range between 27 and 66 years, with blood relation with the patient and presenting educational level between the half-illiteracy and university level. The information is deficient in all the aspects. Among the delivered care, the physical ones are highlighted. Conclusion: this work demonstrates that the familiar care worker is not prepared to receive and to rehabilitate people who have special necessities as it is the case of victims of stroke.

Family; Rehabilitation; Stroke

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