Knowledge of managers on the National Mental Health Policy

Conocimiento de los gestores respecto de la Política Nacional de Salud Mental

Rafaella Leite Fernandes Francisco Arnoldo Nunes de Miranda Kalyane Kelly Duarte de Oliveira Clara Tavares Rangel Danyella Augusto Rosendo da Silva Costa Izabella Bezerra de Lima Moura About the authors



Identify the knowledge of mental health service managers about the national mental health policy.


This is a qualitative study conducted with 20 coordinators, who were submitted to a structured interview. Data were categorized in a thematic analysis using ALCESTE software.


The results produced the following categories: Back to society: protagonism and autonomy of patients; Interprofessional team: assignments and activities; Structuring of a psychosocial care network; Challenges affecting the service; Distance between policy and practice.

Final Considerations:

Public managers demonstrated they are aware of the key concepts for effective structuring of a psychosocial care network based on patient protagonism and autonomy, the assignments and activities performed by interprofessional teams, and the challenges found while structuring a psychosocial care network.

Mental Health; Mental Health Services; Health Workforce; Health Managers; Nursing Research

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