Social control of the Single Health System: what think the municipal health counselors

Vera Dib Zambon Márcia Niituma Ogata About the authors

This study uses a qualitative approach based on semi-structured interview for analyzing the social control perspective of health counselors, considering that there are still challenges for the consolidation of community participation. It was identified that some counselors do not recognize the social participation as a Single Health System directive. Despite the recognition of the councils as deliberative spaces, there are difficulties such as the centralization of decisions in the management, an over evaluation of technical knowledge and lack of health conferences. There are limitations on the exercise of effective advisory role because of the influence of the municipal administration, difficulties of communication with the bases of representation and access to information. It is concluded that it is necessary to search for the strengthening of social control to highlight the continuing health education for empowerment of counselors inside the councils established by the Health Pact.

Health Councils; Social Control Policies; Single Health System

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