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Work-related illness in nursing: an integrative review

Renata Perfeito Ribeiro Julia Trevisan Martins Maria Helena Palucci Marziale Maria Lucia do Carmo Cruz Robazzi About the authors

Man's endless search for methods of performing different activities leads to increased workloads, which eventually result in physical, psychological and emotional conditions. The objective of this study was to seek scientific evidence regarding the types of work-related conditions or illnesses in nursing, as well as the means of coping and preventing occupational diseases and accidents. An integrative review was performed on the electronic health databases using the following descriptors: occupational disease, occupational prevention, and nursing worker. Twenty-seven articles were found. It was realized that nurses have back pain and musculoskeletal injuries, suffer accidents with sharp-edged materials and endure stress and tension at work, in addition to exposure to environmental pollution and dermatitis.

Nursing; Workload; Occupational health; Disease prevention

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