Predictors of red blood cell transfusion after cardiac surgery: a prospective cohort study * * Extracted from the thesis "Incidência de sangramento excessivo e preditores no pós-operatório imediato de cirurgia cardíaca", Escola Paulista de Enfermagem, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, 2015.

Fatores preditores de transfusão de concentrado de hemácias após cirurgia cardíaca: um estudo coorte prospectivo

Factores predictivos de transfusión de concentrado de hematíes después de cirugía cardiaca: un estudio cohorte prospectivo

Camila Takao Lopes Evelise Helena Fadini Reis Brunori Agueda Maria Ruiz Zimmer Cavalcante Sue Ann Moorhead Juliana de Lima Lopes Alba Lucia Bottura Leite de Barros About the authors



To identify predictors of red blood cell transfusion (RBCT) after cardiac surgery.


A prospective cohort study performed with 323 adults after cardiac surgery, from April to December of 2013. A data collection instrument was constructed by the researchers containing factors associated with excessive bleeding after cardiac surgery, as found in the literature, for investigation in the immediate postoperative period. The relationship between risk factors and the outcome was assessed by univariate analysis and logistic regression.


The factors associated with RBCT in the immediate postoperative period included lower height and weight, decreased platelet count, lower hemoglobin level, higher prevalence of platelet count <150x10 3/mm3, lower volume of protamine, longer duration of anesthesia, higher prevalence of intraoperative RBCT, lower body temperature, higher heart rate and higher positive end-expiratory pressure. The independent predictor was weight <66.5Kg.


Factors associated with RBCT in the immediate postoperative period of cardiac surgery were found. The independent predictor was weight.

Thoracic Surgery; Hemorrhage; Blood Transfusion; Erythrocyte Transfusion; Cardiovascular Nursing

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