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Perception of nurses on the learning evaluation process in training programs in a São Paulo hospital

This study was carried out with nurses of a university hospital in São Paulo. It was aimed at understanding their perception regarding the learning evaluation process in the training sessions they attended. In order to collect data, the authors used an instrument with the guiding question: What's your perception of the learning evaluation process in training programs? The discourses were analyzed according to Bardin's referential in the content analysis modality. The results showed opinions in three categories: 1) the difficulties noticed in the evaluation process, in which time availability, negative feelings towards the evaluation and little concern for training results are challenges nurses have to overcome daily; 2) the methodology used in the evaluation process, which should consider the different learning styles, and the experience, life history and previous knowledge of the professionals being trained; and 3) the teaching-learning evaluation process as an accurate indicator of past actions and a quality control of the teaching methods adopted in the training sessions.

Learning; Educational measurement; Inservice training; Education, nursing, continuing

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