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The use of validated questionnaires to measure adherence to arterial hypertension treatments: an integrative review

José Wicto Pereira Borges Thereza Maria Magalhães Moreira Malvina Thaís Pacheco Rodrigues Célida Juliana de Oliveira About the authors

The objective of this study was to analyze the scientific production in collective health regarding which validated questionnaires are being used to evaluate adherence to hypertension treatments. This integrative review was performed on the SciELO, MEDLINE and LILACS databases. Nine studies were selected, which used seven questionnaires: Moriski-Green Test, Cuestionário de Valoración de Adherencia, Cuestionário MBG, Questionário QAM-Q, Haynes Test, Escala de Conductas em Salud, and Hill-Bone compliance Scale. We concluded that the evaluation of hypertension treatment adherence is still an field open of research, due to the fact that the different instruments used have limitations, and there is no ideal method yet identified.

Hypertension; Therapeutics; Medication adherence; Patient compliance; Questionnaires

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