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Health problems of nursing workers in a public educational institution

Problemas a la salud de los trabajadores de enfermería en una institución educativa pública

Carolina Luiza Bernardes Lucinda Helena da Silva de Vasconcelos Silmar Maria da Silva Patrícia Campos Pavan Baptista Vanda Elisa Andres Felli Marcelo Pustiglione Ruth Munhoz Thatiana Fernanda Coa About the authors

Objective: To identify the issues occurred with nursing workers through a Health Monitoring System for Nursing Workers (SIMOSTE) and to describe the consequences of those problems. Method: This is a quantitative, exploratory and descriptive study realized in a teaching hospital in the west region of the city of São Paulo. Results: From the SIMOSTE, 1.847 occurrences were registered in a six month period. Within the main occurrences, medical licenses, work related accidents with and without removals; psychiatric consultations and psychotherapy were highlighted. Conclusion: The data points out to the need for the development of new health vigilance actions to notify accidents and illness related to work, besides the prevention of issues. 

Nursing; Occupational health; Epidemiologic surveillance

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