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The Feminine Press in the Rio de Janeiro in the Final Decades of 19th Century


The objective of this article is to present and analyze three newspapers written by women, which circulated in the city of Rio de Janeiro at the end of the nineteenth century: O Sexo Feminino (1873-1889) - which, after the Republic, was renamed O Quinze de Novembro do Sexo Feminino (1889-1890); Echo das Damas (1879-1888) and A Familia (1888-1894). O Sexo Feminino defended mainly that women's education was necessary for the betterment of society. In Echo das Damas the main theme was the defense of women's education. Yet in A Familia, the most frequent themes were education, labor and women's suffrage. That said, I will initially present the three publications: materiality, periodicity, sections, collaborators, main themes approached, etc. Then, I will focus on the main proposals presented by these newspapers.

Key Words:
Press; Women; Feminine Education

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