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Feminist Critique on Science: from “Feminist Biologists” to the Case of “Neurofeminists”


In this work I reflect on the relationship between science, gender and feminism. For this, I pursue similarities between the major group of researchers in the field of gender and science known as “feminist biologists”, and the interdisciplinary international network of “feminist neuroscientists”, established in 2010, called NeuroGenderings. The goal of NeuroGenderings is to bring a critical feminist perspective to recent studies on the brain, especially those looking for differences between men and women. The neurofeminists are engaged in producing a situated neuroscience, unapologetically feminist, thus offering relevant analytical material to reflect on the disputed ideals of scientificity present in the idea of a feminist neuroscience.

Feminism; Gender; Science; Neuroscience; Interdisciplinarity

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