Strategies for corrosion inhibition of slurry pipelines prior to commissioning


A practice used to prevent corrosion in buried slurry pipelines is the hibernation of pipelines with an aqueous solution containing corrosion inhibitors before beginning the mining operation. The aim of this work is to evaluate the corrosion resistance of API 5L X70 steel used in the slurry pipelines in hibernation solution containing sodium sulphite, sodium hydroxide and glutaraldehyde in a synthetic river water. The electrochemical techniques used are the Tafel analysis and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The synergistic effect of the components of hibernation solution on the corrosion resistance of the API 5L X70 steel was evaluated. A lower corrosion resistance was obtained for the API steel in aqueous solution of sodium sulphite, and in solution of sodium sulphite with glutaraldehyde. The hibernation solution was efficient in inhibiting steel corrosion but the highest corrosion inhibition efficiency was obtained with the glutaraldehyde aqueous solution.

Mining; Corrosion; Hibernation Solution; API steel; Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

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