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Gender, sexualities and displacements: ethnographic notes about immigrants and “LGBTI refugees” in the North of Brazil


This article departures from the emergence of the “LGBTI refugee” category in 2000´s and examine the ways by which the category has been operating in Brazil. In a second moment in the article, an overview of the literature related to the theme is presented. This literature is after this tensioned by ethnographic researches carried out in a shelter devoted to “LGBTI refugees” in Manaus and in the middle of the “Operação Acolhida” in Boa Vista and Pacaraima, in the North of Brazil. The article aims to present a contribution, from an anthropological approach, to an issue which is relatively recent in the articulation of asylum, gender and sexuality, as well as collaborate to researches about the equally recent Venezuelan migrations.

sexuality; gender; refugges; “LGBTI”; Venezuelan migrations

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