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Migration and domestic work: the experiences of Latin American migrant women in Spain

Thaysa Rodrigues Tânia Tonhati About the authors


This article analyzes the experiences of Latin American migrant women, who work or have worked as cleaners and/or caregivers in Spain. This paper highlights two types of situations experienced by the collaborators of the study. Firstly, we focus on the precariousness and devaluation of their work, which exposes them to long working hours, low wages and even non-payment. Secondly, we highlight the difficulties, harassment and violence that they face in their work environment. We identified that both job experiences exist as a result of the inequalities of gender, social class and nationality that affect the migrant women interviewed in Spain. In this sense, despite all the participants having the Spanish documentation, they still face a working segregation; consequently, they work mainly in labor niches such as cleaning and caring jobs.

migration; Latin American women; housework; Spain

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