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Crise e industrialização no Brasil entre 1929 e 1954: a reconstrução do Estado Nacionale a política nacional de desenvolvimento


Crisis and industrialization in Brazil between 1929 and 1954. This paper focuses on the main effects brought about by the economic policy of coffee crisis and industrialization efforts led by the National State. It distinguishes Vargas' developmentalism mandates I and II (30-45 and 51-54), comparing it to Dutra's unsuccessful attempt to restore liberalism (46-50). It highlights the important reconstruction effort of the state and the introduction of national control instruments of economic policy, embodied the extraordinary work of the Vargas' Presidency Economic Advisory (51-54), where great Brazilian names were enshrined, such as Rômulo de Almeida, Ignácio Rangel, Jesus Soares Pereira, Cleanto Paiva Leite and Tomás P. Acioli Borges, true builders of the major projects and development plans at that time.

Brazil industrialization 1929-1954; reconstruction of the State; developmentalism; economic policy; Vargas advisory

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