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Sustentabilidade financeira das instituições de microfinanças brasileiras: análise das cooperativas de crédito singulares

Edison Luiz Leismann Charles Ulises de Montreuil Carmona About the authors

This work aims to analyze the financial sustainability of Single Credit Cooperatives of Brazil. The analysis of financial data from credit cooperatives, credit societies of Small Entrepreneur (SCM) and credit make up the mutual object of study. The analysis was performed from the data available from 2007/12/31 by the Central Bank of Brazil of 1,439 institutions. We used indicators of financial structure, assets and the statements of results of those institutions. With additional data from 31 institutions presented between 2003 and 2006, the total is 1,470 institutions analyzed. With the original values, database was divided randomly into two parts, each one with 735 institutions, and the first known sample of development and the second called the validation sample. Other approaches have been developed. The main evaluation was made from the Discriminant Analysis. The results show that the alternative approach with subdivision of standardization and institutions by size (value of assets) to obtain more refined results. Thus, the analysis shows the functionality of these approaches as a tool for classification, serving as a mechanism to help regulatory agencies and the Cooperative Central monitoring of natural units.

Credit cooperatives; financial sustainability; discriminant analysis

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