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Aplicação da Metodologia Multicritério de Apoio à Decisão no Relacionamento Interorganizacional na Cadeia da Avicultura de Corte


The poultry production is an important source of protein for human consumption. Understanding the inter-relationship in this environment is essential to reduce operating and transaction costs. This work aims to build a multi-criteria evaluation model of the relationship between an agribusiness and its integrated producers in the city of Seara, Santa Catarina, evaluating the possible effects on the competitiveness of the supply chain. We conducted a case study with theoretical approach to supply chain management, complemented by microanalytical approach of competitive strategies. It conducted quantitative and qualitative research and used the multi-criteria analysis methodology to support constructivist decision (MCDA-C) for the construction and interpretation of the model. We used instrument and carried out interviews with farmers, agribusiness representatives and poultry specialists. The agents defined production cost, remuneration, factors of production, investment risk, information flow and institutional environment as the fundamental points of view (FPV) model. It was found with the application of the model in three classes of farmers that FPV´s remuneration, investment risk, downstream flow of information supply chain and production costs, had greater impact on the inter-relationships to achieve competitiveness in chain.

Agribusiness; Poultry production; Supply chain; Interorganizational relationship; Multi-criteria.

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