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Body image dissatisfaction prevalence and associated factors among adolescents at rural high schools in the southern region of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, 2012

Alice Meyer Iepsen Marcelo Cozzensa da Silva About the authors


to investigate the level of dissatisfaction with body image and associated factors among high school adolescents in rural areas of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, 2012.


A cross-sectional study was conducted in schools in the state's 5th Education Region. Students answered a questionnaire about demographic, socioeconomic and behavioral variables. The outcome, body image dissatisfaction, was measured by the Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ-34).


510 adolescents were evaluated. Body image dissatisfaction prevalence was 16.9% and the associated factors were: female gender (p<0.001; 95%CI 1.8-5.2), overweight (PR= 3.4; 95%CI 2.3-5.0), obesity (PR= 3.2; 95%CI 1.7-5.7) and sufficient physical activity in leisure time (PR= 1.5; 95%CI 1.1-2.2).


the level of dissatisfaction with body image was higher among girls, adolescents who were overweight/obese and those who were physically active

Body Image; Adolescents; Rural Population; Adolescent Health; Cross-sectional Studies

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