Profile of work-related road traffic accident victims recorded by sentinel health units in Pernambuco, Brazil, 2012-2014* * This article presents the results of Caroline Codeiro Souto's Final Project in Multiprofessional Residency in Family Health, carried out during the Multiprofessional Residency Program in Family Health at the Medicine Institute Professor Fernando Figueira, in July 2015

Caroline Cordeiro Souto Flávia Karina Wanderley Reis Raphaella Patrícia Torres Bertolini Rosimeiry Santos de Melo Almeida Lins Sandra Luzia Barbosa de Souza About the authors



to describe the profile of work-related road traffic accident (RTA) victims, reported by Road Traffic Accident Information Sentinel Units in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, from 2012-2014.


descriptive study of fatal and non-fatal work-related road traffic accident victims, reported by 21 RTA Information Sentinel Units in Pernambuco.


87.8% of the 10,691 cases reported occurred among males; 69.0% of all records were related to the 20-39 age group; the sectors with most injured workers were Transport (24.4%) and Trade (21.3%); most of the victims were drivers (82.0%) and motorcycles were the most frequent vehicle at the time of the accident (77.0%).


victims were predominantly young male motorcyclists; findings may serve to inform intersectoral actions to prevent work-related RTAs, appropriate to the profile of the victims.

Key words:
Transport Accidents; Epidemiological Surveillance; Work Accidents; Descriptive Epidemiology.

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