Home intervention as a tool for nursing care: evaluation of the satisfaction of the elderly

Iara Sescon Nogueira Giselle Fernanda Previato Giovana Aparecida de Souza Scolari Ana Caroline Oliveira Gomes Ligia Carreira Vanessa Denardi Antoniassi Baldissera About the authors



To evaluate the results of home nursing interventions according to the satisfaction of the elderly users.


Ex-post facto evaluative, qualitative and descriptive research, conducted from November 2015 to January 2016 with 12 dependent elderly individuals accompanied by an extension project in the city of Maringá, PR, Brazil. Data were collected after home interventions based on the Single-User Treatment Project, by means of semi-structured interviews subjected to content analysis and the theoretical framework of Donabedian.


The following thematic categories emerged: “home nursing intervention: synonymous with joy, distraction and bonding” and” home nursing intervention: health and lifestyle transformations”.


The home nursing interventions had positive results that signal the quality of the provided care.

Health of the elderly; Nursing; Health services; Comprehensive healthcare

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