Educational video as a healthcare education resource for people with colostomy and their families

Angélica Dalmolin Nara Marilene Oliveira Girardon-Perlini Larissa de Carli Coppetti Gabriela Camponogara Rossato Joseila Sonego Gomes Maria Elizete Nunes da Silva About the authors



To know the perceptions of participants in a support group for people with colostomy on the use of video as a resource for health education.


Qualitative research with 16 participants in a support group for people with colostomy in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Data were collected in April and May of 2016, through a focus group, and subjected to the thematic analysis proposed by Minayo.


The results led to three categories: care and self-care are learned alone: the lived reality; health education and learning through educational video: perceived opportunities; the singularities of the educational video from the viewpoint of people with colostomy and their families.


The scarcity of guidelines retards independence and hinders autonomy in care and self-care. The audio-visual technology applied in this study complements the educational guidelines, and can enable changes and the opportunity to rethink pedagogical nursing practices.

Health education; Colostomy; Nursing; Educational technology

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