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The experience of a person with chronic kidney disease in hemodialysis

The experience of sickening of a person with chronic kidney disease in hemodialysis was objectified. Qualitative study, the example of case study, whose data collection was released from February to July of 2008, by interview in depth, in private institution, accredited by Single Health System (SUS), in Mato Grosso State, Brazil. The data were analyzed through content analysis method in which appeared the meaning of body, labor, daily life, hemodialysis and the machine, which made possible to reach the category "the entrance to the world of hemodialysis". The results showed that living with the chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis imposes the need to experience ambiguous feelings of anger and gratitude towards the machine and promotes a biographical rupture. It was concluded that the professionals who worked with those patients lead and important role in stimulating and emphasizing their autonomy, based in the comprehension of values, desires, beliefs and individual priorities.

Humanization of assistance; Patient-centered assistance; Chronic disease

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