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Child's anxiety preceding the dental appointment: evaluation through a playful tool as a conditioning feature

Ansiedade infantil prévia à consulta odontológica: avaliação mediante instrumento lúdico como condicionamento* * Artigo baseado na dissertação intitulada "Avaliação da ansiedade na odontopediatria mediante instrumento lúdico como condicionamento". Faculdade São Leopoldo Mandic; 2014. 135 páginas.

Bianca Fiorentin MOURA José Carlos Pettorossi IMPARATO Thaís Manzano PARISOTTO Monique DE BENEDETTO About the authors


The aim of this study was to evaluate the emotional reactions before and after the application of a child audiovisual book that illustrates the trigger fear and anxiety points in the dental appointment. Moreover, the educational effect of this book as preconditioning to dental care was also verified.


The study is a prospective pilot study conducted at the University of Western Santa Catarina with a convenience sample of 20 children aged 4-6 years old, with and without previous dental experience. All these children received the book and they were assessed before and after the presentation by responsible attendants. The projective test FIS (Facial Image Scale) was applied in 2 stages on the same day of assistance. Both tests were applied at the reception waiting room: before the child came into contact with the book in the dental clinic room and after the child came into contact with the playful instrument. Anamnesis and clinical examination were performed in the dental office by the dentist to start or continue the treatment.


The children were able to answer the projective test with self -analysis. The idealized audiovisual book was successfully constructed and used in the research. The comparison between FIS 1 and FIS 2 made with paired t-test showed significant improvements by comparing the results before the presentation of the playful instrument and after the use of it (p <0.0001), with no differences in childhood anxiety between genders and ages.


The result of the conditioning technique using the book before the dental treatment was highly significant in reducing anxiety.

Child behavior; Psychology child; Pediatric dentistry

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