Knowledge, risk perception and attitudes of Dentistry students with regard to HIV/AIDS

Conhecimento, percepção de risco e atitudes de acadêmicos de Odontologia sobre HIV/AIDS

Verena Carvalho Sampaio de MAGALHÃES Danillo Lyrio de OLIVEIRA Fabio Ornellas PRADO About the authors


To assess the knowledge, perception of risk and attitudes of Dentistry students regarding HIV/AIDS.


A descriptive, observational, cross-sectional study was performed by applying a questionnaire containing 33 objective questions to students enrolled in the Dentistry course at Southwest Bahia State University, between the second and final years.


The response rate was 74%, with an average overall score of 64.1% for the knowledge variable, considered to be good. The average overall score for risk perception was 61.7% (considered inadequate), borne out by a significant rate of accidents involving sharps (25%). An average overall score of 54.3% revealed negative attitudes, showing that some students feel apprehensive and unprepared to treat HIV+ patients.


In view of the fact that the attitude and risk perception variables studied showed results that fall short of expectations, even with a knowledge variable considered to be good, a greater articulation between theory and practice is suggested.

HIV infections; Knowledge; Students, Dental

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