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Risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy in older men

Riscos e benefícios da terapia de reposição hormonal em homens idosos

Fábio Firmbach Pasqualotto Antônio Marmo Lucon Jorge Hallak Eleonora Bedin Pasqualotto Sami Arap About the authors

The use of testosterone in older men, known as male hormonal replacement therapy or androgen replacement therapy, has become of increasing interest to both the medical and lay communities over the past decade. Even though the knowledge of the potential benefits and risks of male Androgen Replacement Therapy has increased dramatically, there is still much that needs to be determined. Although there are a number of potential benefits of male Androgen Replacement Therapy and data concerning clinical effects of such replacement have accumulated, as yet there have not been any large multicenter randomized controlled trials of this therapy. It is the purpose of this article to review what is currently known about the possible risks and benefits of male Androgen Replacement Therapy by discussing the clinical trials to date.

Testosterone; Androgen; Hormones; Elderly; Replacement

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