Relative Frequency of Nosocomial Microorganisms at Unicamp University Hospital from 1987 to 1994

Antonia Teresinha TRESOLDI Maria Luíza Moretti BRANCHINI Djalma de Carvalho MOREIRA FILHO Maria Clara PADOVEZE Sonia P. Evangelista DANTAS Luciene REGINATO Angela von NOWAKONSKI Ulysses Moraes de OLIVEIRA Plínio TRABASSO

The frequency of microorganisms identified in nosocomial infections at Unicamp University Hospital from 1987 to 1994 was analysed. The most common microorganism was S. aureus (20.9%), which was found in surgical wound, bloodstream and arterial-venous infections. In urinary tract infections (UTI), gram-negative rods (56.5%) and yeasts (9%) predominated. A. baumannii isolates were observed to have increased in the last three years. There was a gradual increase in the frequency of coagulase-negative staphylococci and A. baumannii in bloodstream infections but there wasn’t any change in Candida sp

Nosocomial infections; Pathogens; Microorganisms

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