Development of Schistosoma mansoni in the peritoneal cavity of the AKR/J strain of mice

Rosilene S. Bicalho Alan L. de Melo Leógenes H. Pereira About the authors

Cercariae of Schistossoma mansoni after intraperitoneal inoculation, developed and reached the sexual maturation in that site with egg production. In the AKR/J strain of mice, 7.7% of the peritoneal recovered females showed normal eggs in the uterus. No evidence of hemoglobinic pigment in their digestive tract was observed in the peritoneal recovered parasites from both strains (AKR/J and SWISS). This fact suggests that the parasites can develop without red blood cells ingestion. On the other hand, the development of the parasite with egg prodution in the peritoneal cavity of the AKR/J mouse reinforces the data that the lung phase is not necessary for the development of the parasite.

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