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Subcutaneous mucormycosis caused by Rhizopus oryzae: probable nosocomial acquired infection

Mucormicose subcutânea causada por Rhizopus oryzae: provável infecção hospitalar

The Authors present a case of subcutaneous mucormycosis occurring in a patient with clinical and biochemical evidence of diabetic ketoacidosis. The clinical, mycological and histopathological features are described, emphasizing the relevance of a rapid diagnosis in order to stablish early treatment. The clinical forms of mucormycosis and the main associated conditions are briefly reviewed as well as the most probable conditions which may lead to the enhanced susceptibility to infection in the diabetic patient in ketoacidosis. The recovery of Rhizopus oryzae from the air of the room of the patient suggests a nosocomial infection acquired through contamination of venous puncture site by air borne spores.

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