Evaluation of three chemotherapeutic schemes with meglumine antimoniate in the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in the state of Pará, Brazil

Fernando T. Silveira Daniela A. Pingarilho Rosineide R. Duarte Maria Denise Gabriel Maria Gorete S. Dias Maria do Perpetuo Socorro A. Moura Maria Elizabeth A. Braga Elaine X. Prestes Benedito C. Maués About the authors

We have evaluated, in a retrospective manner, three chemotherapeutic schemes with meglumine antomoniate (Glucantime) use in the treatment of 43 autochthonous cases of visceral leishmaniasis in children in the age-group of 1-12 years old, during the period 1985-1990. Of the 43 cases, 28 (group A) were treated with 40mg/SbV/kg given IV at intervals of 48 hours, in courses of 15 applications (scheme I); 8 (group B) were treated with 40 mg/SbV/kg given IV daily during 15 days (scheme II), and 7 (group C) were treated with 20 mg/SbV/kg given IV daily during 15 days (scheme III). With the criteria for cure based essentially on clinical examination, we admited that the scheme III would be the preferred for these reasons: a) it produces the same cure-rate as those schemes which use double this dosage, b) in relation to positive results it is less expensive, c) the scheme can be used for more extended periods, with less risk of toxic effects, and d) there has till now been no evidence of the development of resistence to treatment using this scheme, at least in our particular area of study (Pará).

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