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Cutaneous, muscular and visceral cysticercosis - a rare disease?

The aims of the present study were to measure the frequency of cutaneous, muscular and visceral forms of cysticercosis in anatomopathological examinations and necropsies in the Federal District and to study the clinical aspects of this disease. In 64.911 protocols of anatomopathological examinations reviewed, 30 (0.05%) had the diagnosis of cysticercosis, 90% had cysticerci in the subcutaneous tissue, skeletal muscle or mucous membrane, 3.3% in lymph node and 6.7% in the central nervous system. Two (7.4%) patients had cysticerci in the tongue. In 1520 autopsies protocols reviewed, 25 (1.6%) autopsies with cysticercosis were found. 96% had cysticerci in the central nervous system, 8% in the heart, 8% in the skeletal muscle and 4% in the liver, either isolated or associated with cysticerci in other viscera. 1122 people were also examined. Indirect immunofluorescence and ELISA were the serological tests used in all patients for the diagnosis of cysticercosis. The radiological investigation of the skull and soft tissues was also performed. 59 (5.3%) patients had both serological tests positive (10 had also biopsies with the diagnosis of cysticercosis). The muscular form was found in 42.4%, subcutaneous cysts were present in 20.3% and the visceral form was found in 3.4% of cases. In patients with visceral cysticercosis, the cysts were localized in the heart, pleura, kidney and ovary. Calcifications in the skull and/or soft tissues were demonstrated radiologically in 32 (2.8%) patients with negative serological tests for cysticercosis. The present study suggests a high frequency of subcutaneous and muscular forms of cysticercosis in the Federal District. The visceral form of the disease is also found in various organs, without clinical manifestations of importance.

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