Ectopic dirofilariosis in two dogs from Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Dirofilariose ectópica em dois cães do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Beatriz Brener Patricia Riddell Millar Danuza Pinheiro Bastos Garcia de Mattos Flávia Uchôa Bethânia Bastos Ingrid Rodrigues Lyrio Pedro Luis Aragon Adriana Pittella Sudré About the authors

Report of two canine dirofilariosis cases of ectopic location in the state of Rio de Janeiro. This is the first report of erratic migration for this parasitosis in dogs in the state, calling attention to the short period of time between the two cases. The fact that the area is endemic for this parasite, its zoonotic potential and the report of human cases in the state, demonstrates that authorities should be alerted to the control programs of dirofilariosis along with the pathogenic profile of the infections.

Dirofilariosis ectopic; Dog; Human; Dirofilaria immitis

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